Our Values

Inspiring Confidence

We're committed to building and maintaining your trust in us so that you have the confidence to live life to the fullest. Extensive capabilities and diverse products are only a part of the story.

Our open architecture platform empowers us to make decisions with your best interests at the forefront every step of the way. Offering our advice doesn't raise the question of whether a recommendation is more right for us than for you.


We're not a leader solely because of what we offer, but because we focus on offering it to you transparently and compliantly.  While we consider how to help improve your portfolio's performance, we strive to look for smart ways to reduce expenses.


We're pleased to be considered professionals in wealth management, but we pride ourselves on delivering you robust and responsive customer support. One-to-one, tailored guidance isn't a value add — it's our core value. You'll always get the day-to-day support and assistance that helps ensure your solutions get put into practice collaboratively and quickly.


Summit Financial Group welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with other important advisors, such as CPAs, that serve you. The goal is an efficient, effective and strategic plan focused on one set of goals — yours.




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