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Begin, be BOLD and venture to be wise. – Horace

As employers come to better understand their keystone role in the provision of employee

health and retirement benefits, they must form bold strategies to fulfill that role. Boldness

requires fortitude, resolve and proactivity; standing up and doing something rather than

sitting back and waiting. Boldness shows an ability to take risks, but doing so confidently

and courageously. To have such confidence and courage, one must have knowledge and


To be bold in employee benefits offerings, employers must begin by working hard to understand the federal and state rules and regulations that apply to health and retirement plans. Then, employers must proactively form strategies that meet their corporate goals of competitive, yet affordable, offerings and implement those that best suit the needs and desires of their particular employee bases. Lastly, employers must wisely communicate those strategies and offerings to employees: A venture that must be thoughtful and continuous. A bold adventurer succeeds the best.

For retirement benefits, despite the attacks on the employer model and the discussion of alternative models, we saw employers rise again as the central figure in readying American workers for retirement. Employers that embrace that role will want to engage in courageous retirement plan design, including the implementation or continuation of automatic features such as enrollment, deferral and contribution rate escalation. Coupling those automatic features with generous employer matches and simplified investment options, employers audaciously guide employees to financial wellness, while also ensuring a solid and loyal employee base to build their business on.

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  • Comprehensive retirement plan offerings and resources
  • Leading-edge thinking to meet your retirement plan needs now and proactively address future needs
  • Preferred carrier relationships that give you a competitive advantage on retirement plan options
  • High quality retirement plan products: 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit plans, profit sharing plans
  • Independent and balanced perspectives from retirement professionals with no obligation to any single plan provider
  • Advanced benchmarking and analysis tools
  • Comprehensive decision and implementation support services