Summit Financial Group offers financial planning and wealth management services.  Our firm believes the only right strategy is the strategy that's right for you.

First the conversations.
Our first charge is getting to understand you as well as we understand investment management and wealth planning. What goals do you want to accomplish and by when? How much risk can you tolerate emotionally as well as financially? Who is most important to you? At the end of the day, what gives you a sense of purpose?

It's a deeply personal, discreet dialogue that informs an artfully crafted portrait of the financial challenges and opportunities in front of you now and across life's spectrum. The foundation of our enduring relationships with clients, the conversation is ongoing, evolving with your changing needs and shifting markets.

Then the capabilities.
Once we clearly understand your priorities, capability customization begins. We merge our vast wealth management experience and expansive resources to craft a flexible framework for your success that enfolds the personal, professional and philanthropic objectives driving you forward.

The insights and recommendations we provide to you are forged from highly sophisticated analysis, tools and technology. As a result, you get clarity on the ever-expanding choices before you and understandable views of the complexities that accompany them. Because of our market leadership, we provide access to a range of quality products from some of the nation's leading money managers.

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Summit Financial Group is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investor Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies.