Financial Divorce Planning


Financial Divorce Specialists provide expertise for equitable financial settlements


The Financial Divorce Association is pleased to announce that Jennifer R. Dillee, of Summit Financial Group in Amarillo, Texas recently completed a specialized education program in professional divorce planning through the Financial Divorce Association and is now trained as a Financial Divorce Specialist.


Jennifer R. Dillee is trained to provide financial information and assistance to people in divorce to include evaluating the tax implications of dividing property and the settlement options for dividing pensions, marital property, and awarding of child and spousal support. They provide charts and in-depth analyses that depict financial status for both spouses over time to help make critical decisions.


Even if divorcing couples want an equitable financial settlement, the majority does not know how to do it. Over time, one spouse usually loses a lot more than the other, often with serious long-term consequences. Without sound financial planning, individuals tend to agree to unfair settlements that may prove to be devastating to their financial futures.


Until recently, most professionals involved in the divorce process did not have the expertise to develop equitable settlements. The growing field of Financial Divorce Specialist helps couples and their lawyers resolve the financial issues of divorce to provide long-term equitable divorce settlements.